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Gerald Montgomery | CEO/President

Gerald Montgomery, CEO and President, has worked in the logistic/transportation and security industry for more than 41 years. Upon retirement from 30 years of service with United Parcel Service(UPS), Southeast Airport Services along with Southeast Protection Services, which were established in 2007, specializing in aviation support for one of the largest airports in Florida. Mr. Montgomery, who is entrepreneurial-mined and a hands-on leader, focuses on perfecting all aspects of the airport logistic and security business.  He has developed both companies to excel well beyond expected and set goals. Over the years, his “show up” work ethic and great respect for hard working men and women has paid off in his new venture.

Southeast Airports  

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Through his leadership, commitment to excellence and dedication to professionalism, Southeast Airport Services and Southeast Protection Services continues to exceed industry standards by forming strong professional partnerships based on integrity and reliability. Mr. Montgomery has grown his companies in size from 23 to over 230 people with revenues well over $8 million.
Mr. Montgomery received an Associates Degree in Business from Jefferson College in Greensboro, North Carolina. He holds a private investigator license in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Mr. Montgomery is an avid sports fan and loves being outdoors.





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