About Us

Our Mission & Values

Southeast Airport Services, Inc. (SAS, Inc.), a Certified Small and Minority Business Enterprise, is a full services facility support company that provides a wide array of services that have been customized to meet the needs of its aviation and logistics clients as well as their budget. SAS, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in package handling, sort management and belt flow simulation. Our experience provides effective operational management of the classifying and processing of consumer bags and luggage in an effective claims and damage free method.


Southeast Airport Services, Inc. is committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality services using industry best practices.

Gerald Montgomery has built a solid infrastructure within SAS, Inc. that surpasses most of its competitors by recognizing the importance of our major goals of professionalism and dedication to meeting and exceeding the needs of our partner clients. SAS, Inc. also believes that integrity is the most important value in the industry as well as its commitment to on time and damage free handling methods.

The company president has 30 years of supervision and baggage handling and security management experience from United Parcel Service. Supervising teams within the logistics for United Parcel Service from the west to the east coasts, Mr. Montgomery was responsible for developing and implementing reduction strategies, security and claims budgets as well as all internal and external affairs investigations.

Managing the air cargo which included TSA and Homeland Security enforcement in both districts it was a natural progression from United Parcel Service to starting his Airport Services Company.

SAS, Inc. has assembled a team of executive officers with TSA certifications, airport and logistics training, baggage handling, sort management and belt flow simulation and training. The executive team holds multiple degrees in Administration, Management, CPR/AED certifications, Licensing and Compliance, Government Contract Management, and more.

Our Boards

The members of our board of directors are thought leaders who have made a significant contribution to our society. Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization.





 As President of Southeast Airport Services, she leads with excellence and a drive to build positive relationships for aviation support.  She is a born leader with years of experience in the aviation industry.  After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Communication from Universidad de Sagrado Corazon.  Her aviation career commenced quickly, with now having more than 30+ years in the industry.  Starting with a legacy carrier, American Airlines, she then quickly gained the experience to become Customer Service Manager.  Working above and below the wing process, transport from the aircraft to the terminal, working with airlines such as Grupo Taca, JetBlue Airways, Caribbean Sun Air, and all the way across to the middle east as Terminal Operations Manager for one of the Top ten airlines in the world. Teresita has served as a Director of Operations for Bags Inc and for Cruise Ships operations at San Juan Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Orlando, FL. She has served as a Field/Logistic Operations Manager for a provisioning company based in Orlando Florida. Served as a Senior Operations Manager for Southeast Airport Services covering Federal Inspection Services, Baggage Handling System, TSA Checkpoints, Janitorial, Airport Security, and Transportation.


VP, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Buck serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Southeast Airport Services. Mr. Buck is a seasoned financial executive with over 30 years of financial management and administrative experience at the corporate division and planning level.
Mr. Buck holds a Bachelor of Science from Virginia State University, attended the Furgian Business School in Switzerland and the Darden School of Business at UVA. Mr. Buck is an avid golfer.